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Yummy tropical smoothie bowl: 1 of the best summer recipe.

Yummy tropical smoothie bowl: 1 of the best summer recipe.

Yummy tropical smoothie bowl.

This healthy yummy tropical bowl is loaded with nutrients, including a good dose of immunity-boosting vitamin C, beneficial natural enzymes and fibre. Besides being delicious.

Fresh and frozen tropical fruit is packed with nutrients, antioxidants. Other helpful compounds, such as enzymes that can help support digestion, fight inflammation and disease.

Coconut water used in this recipe is the pure juice inside a coconut, not to be confused with coconut milk.

Ingredients for 2 servings.

For the smoothie.

1 cup  fresh or frozen pineapple

1 cup fresh papaya

1 cup fresh or frozen mango

1 large ripe banana

2/3 cup very cold unsweetened coconut water.

1 fresh lime, juice and zest.

For the topping.

1 kiwi, chopped

unsweetened shredded and dry coconut.

A few extra fruit pieces for texture.


Start by preparing your fruit, rinse and chop pineapple, papaya, mango and banana. Peel your kiwi.

Set aside a few extra fruits pieces of each fruit for bowl decoration before serving.

In a blender, add your fruits, cold coconut water, lime juice and zest.

Blend until smooth.

Pour your mixture equally into your serving bowls. Add your toppings and enjoy.

yummy tropical smoothie.

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